Monday, March 23, 2009

How great is it when you can look back on your day and realize that you haven't had to clean up one disasterous mess??

Freaking awesome, that's what it is.

Alright, the MC did take off his pants and diaper some time during his nap before falling asleep and being awaken by Fox's Wii inspired screams. However, the "nose test" did not find evidence of #1 and/or #2, so I'm calling the sheets clean. Under blue light I would probably be proved wrong, but as I'm not planning on needing CSI team any time soon (fingers crossed) I don't think I'll go through the 30 minute ordeal that is taking down Gitmo and changing the bedding.

But overall, and especially in the light of having all three children home all day, things could not have gone better. Teen Queen, Fox and I even had timne to watch the extras on the Twilight dvd that finally arrived this morning (note to Amazon, if you want to compete you really need to deliver on Saturdays. Especially when I paid $11.98 for next day. And yes, I realize that it ended up costing me more to buy it online than draging my lazy butt over to Target.) We loved all the extras and deleted scenes, but the TQ and I both agree that we like the movie a little less each time we watch it. It just gets cheesier and cheesier, and Kristen Stewart is about as lovable as a piece of 2x4. Robert Pattinson and the extremely hot guy that plays Jasper are purrrrrr...... And TQ is developing a serious thing for the little cutie who plays Jacob- ah, her first celeb crush outside of CGI characters and Disney princes. She's growing up so fast.....

Anyone else love/hate the movie more on further inspection?????

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  1. I haven't seen the Twilight yet. But if it is anything like Edward Scissorhands then I am in for a real treat.(fingers crossed)-Bryan