Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yes, I really DO love my Kids!

Tonight on the way home from my parent's house I had one of THOSE moments- you know, the ones which make you forget how many times you've had to ground your kids in the last month or all the really disrespectful and sassy things they've said to you.

Our family LOVES Coldplay- in fact, the King and I went to the concert last November when they came to SLC. Fox and DQ were really upset that they didn't get to go too, but it was a mom and dad date, and frankly from other concerts in the past I wasn't sure if it would be PG rated or R. It ended up being the perfect end to the perfect day. It began early with the Drama Queen and I seeing Twilight with all the gals (not as great as the book, but overall satisfactory), then we picked up the boys and went to the BYU/Utah game and, well, we all know how fantastic THAT was! Finally, the concert. It was THE BEST concert ever. Chris Martin is magical perfection, and with the exception of one F bomb, the kids could have safely come.

Unanimously, our favorite song from Coldplay's latest album is Viva la Vida. We all scream and cheer every time it comes on the radio, even though it's been out for months and with any other mere mortal song we'd want to drive screw drivers into our brains if we'd heard it that much (it's even better live, btw). It came on tonight as we drove home, and Fox and Drama Queen immediately started singing along. When it got to the chorus, where they sing "oh, oh, oh, oh ooooohhhhhhh,ooooooohhhhh, oh, oh oh, oh, ooooohhhhhh,oooohhhhhh" (or something like that), the King and I both turned and looked at each other in amazement. All 3 kids were singing! Yes, the MC was singing along with his brother and sister at the top of his voice, and for a kid that only has a 20 word vocabulary it was pretty unbelievable. I was so proud of them, you would have thought I was mother to the three tenors instead of 3 rugrats singing in various degrees of harmony, most of them off tune.

It's times like these when all the kids are getting along and things are relatively peaceful, and you're finally able to look at them through eyes unjaded by the daily minutia and quarrels and weariness, that you're able to truly see the wonderful and magnificent gifts from Heavenly Father that children are. Or as I see it, the reward moments that every mom lives and hopes for.

***Addendum: Back to reality. Fox and the Drama Queen are arguing: DQ is being bossy and Fox is doing something he know's he shouldn't do yet consistently does anyway. MC is ticked that he has to go to bed, and is crying "cake, cake".

They are wonderful, they are wonderful, they are wonderful, they are wonderful.............if I say it enough it will sink back in before I ground them for the rest of their lives.

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