Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So, That Was Wierd

"Eye Stuff"

That's what the principal wrote down on the yellow legal pad under Fox's name. An entire complex disease boiled down to two pathetic words. What does the "stuff" encompass? Light sensitivity, night blindness, loss of peripheral vision, loss of color vision, loss of visual acuity, loss of depth perception, astigmatism, tunnel vision...., and those are just the medical terms. You could also include learning braille as a secondary language with eventual transition to primary language, magnification tools, enlarged computer screens, electronic braille readers.... Oh, and don't forget feelings of alienation, anger, grief, resentment..... But sure, "eye stuff" definitely covers all that.

I'm sure that after we left the principal wondered how he would ever get those 5 minutes of his life back. I know he probably hears parents complains about their child's education and what is wrong, not right, all day long. I feel really bad for him and as well as all educators in our state who are forced to work in the almost impossible situations caused by overcrowding and under financing. I'm sure we are being extremely selfish to ask to add another side dish to his already overflowing plate. But this is MY child, and his welfare may not be important to anyone else but me. I learned an astonishing fact a few weeks ago. Only 30% of blind adults are employed full time. The other 70% cannot work because they cannot read braille or have never been trained to use the tools and resources available to the blind. Knowing this, shouldn't I try everything I can to fight for the best possible life for him?

"Eye stuff"



  1. what an idiot principal...and don't even say that you're being selfish! you are doing what any good parent would do, you and James are such amazing examples to me and i just love you guys. You really are doing what is best for your child, and as persistent as it sounds like you are going to have to is all for a great reason. Fox is LUCKY to have you as his mommy. love you!

  2. Thanks cous!! I heart you too! YOu guys need to come back for a visit soon :) !!!!

  3. Did Mr. Insightful in the big office give you an answer about about getting a permit to go to the better and brighter school??? Is Fox on an IEP? If so, and the principal says no, respectfully take it to the next level. "Eye Stuff"...sheesh!!!!

  4. No answer yet. He told us he's got to look at next year's nummbers. I can tell him right now what they'll be- overcrowded. Fox IS on an IEP, so hopefully that will give us extra pull if we need it.
    Oh, the joys of parenting.

  5. He was sent to the right mama! You fight with all your might for him!! You are such a great Mom!