Wednesday, April 22, 2009

At the End of the 12 Step Program....

I think I have really, truly conquered my swearing habit.

I know I haven't sworn in a year (well, except for 1 slip up a few months ago), but today I passed the ultimate test of "swearing sobriety"

Wile working on the patio wall, I dropped a cinderblock on my finger. It blew up immediately and is now a lovely shade of purple.

What I wanted to shot was "Bleep. this stupid bleepidy bleeping project! I hate you bleepin cobblestones."

Instead, all I said was "shoot, shoot, shoot" and "oh fudge".

Impressive, hugh? There was even no one around but the dog, so I could have totally cheated and no one would be the wiser.

But I prevailed. I think I can safely play church basketball once more without worrying that I'll drop a "d" or "h" word every time I do something ridiculous.

One flaw down, three thousand more to go.


  1. What is your secret? I need to work on my potty mouth.

  2. you're so funny....congratulations on this great accomplishment!

  3. Thanks gals. guys are up WAY too early! If you are exercising I'm going to have to hate you both :)

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