Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What the Man Child Learned at the Piano Recital

Tonight was my annual piano recital. Apparently the King and I have amnesia (or post traumatic stress that causes memory suppression), because we decided to take all three kids to the recital. I'm a stinking music teacher for heavens sake-of course they'd all behave with proper recital etiquette.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Fox found the TV out in the lounge area of the hall and immersed himself in whatever was more interesting than Chopin and Schubert. At least he was quiet.

The Man Child lasted about 5 minutes in the recital hall before demanding, in his own special way, to get the *bleep* outta there. The King tried to entertain him with Clifford episodes then commercials of trucks on his Google phone, but the MC was having none of that. The only other option- other than letting him bang on the 100+ pianos in the showroom- was to improvise a new game.

The new game involved teach the MC new phrases to add to his slowly growing vocabulary. They included:

I Can Not Sit Still

I Can Not Stop Moving


I Am Stinky (this is not a put down- he really did have a ripe diaper).

After an hour, his proficiency had increased quite a bit. With a little prodding, and to my great amusement, he repeated them on the way home for me. Since the game worked so well at the recital, I think we might have to start using it at church.


As I sit here typing, I just heard 2 sentences come out of the King's mouth which could be totally misinterpreted if you didn't speak Man Child.

King: " I got your cauck. Yes, your shiny red cauck".

We really need to get the MC to stop fusing "car" and "truck" together.


  1. peed my pants laughing about the last comment

  2. It's really funny until he yells it in the middle of church. If I was smarter I'd stop taking anything with wheels to entertain him :)