Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where Do Moms Go On Business Trips?

The King just called me from Las Vegas to tell me that his hotel, The Encore, puts every other hotel he's been in to shame. That's saying a lot as he's traveled every where and has stayed in just about every chain and hotel imaginable. It's better than the Phoenician in Phoenix, the St. Regis in San Francisco or The Grand in Salt Lake City. I'm pretty sure he went on to tell me exactly why it is so amazing, but I zoned out after I heard that the TV welcomed him when he turned it on.

I, on the other hand, spent the evening listening to the MC yell "Porn! I want Porn!!!" (porn= popcorn in Man Childese). As soon as everyone was in bed I realized that the sprinklers had been on for an awfully long time so I had to go outside and get drenched in secondary water(aka. poop water) while trying to get the stupid broken sprinkler valve to shut off. When I went to shower off the poopy water so that I didn't grow a third eye overnight, my shampoo was all gone. And I forgot to bring a towel into the bathroom.

When I finally got into bed and turned on the tube, my TV didn't say "hello, most wonderful and gracious lady of the house. I hope you have an enjoyable night". Instead, it decided to record a rerun of Criminal Minds rather than the new Scrubs. No new CSI New York either.

Sometimes being the domestic goddess sucks.

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  1. You need to take a girls weekend away. I'm headin' to vegas with some girlfriends memorial day weekend. We domestic goddesses need some fun time away too right?