Monday, April 20, 2009

Post script to Sunday Dinner

I almost forgot the best part of any family dinner....the table conversation.

Fox wanted to know how the salt got in the Great Salt Lake. He wondered if we all had to go to the lake shore every so often and dump our salt shakers in it.

After being told that the salt was there naturally, he asked "oh, like natural gas?"

I said "yes" and wondered if this was his way of naturally turning the discussion to his favorite topic of late, global warming (the kid is seriously addicted to Nova. Don't ever ask him about glaciers melting unless you want an in depth description of greenhouse emissions, methane, and the dangers of living in Asia. It's taken me weeks to convince him that there are NO glaciers in Utah, so we're good. If there's a Nova on earthquakes we're in trouble).

Then he demonstrated what kind of "natural gas" he was meaning. No, it wasn't the kind that comes out of the mouth. He is a fairly proficient arm pit farter (he was grounded from it a few weeks ago. It was a real let down for him as he had been practicing with so much dedication in hope of being the world's best). Of course, the Man Child thought it was hilarious and since what one boy does, the other must copy, dinner turned into a virtual recital of bodily function noises. The MC found out that while he can't arm pit fart, he can burp like a 40 year old man after downing a case of Bud Light.

It was just another refined and elegant dinner at the King's castle.


  1. Boys will be boys...just ain't no stoppin 'em! Believe it or not, I think someday we'll actually miss arm farts at the dinner table....or maybe not....

  2. Please tell me that they'll grow out of this by the time they hit Junior High. Trevor and Brandon have to be over it, right??????

    I can just see my boys doing it for the girls in the lunchroom, thinking they are being all flirtatious and funny, and the girls thinking "oh my gosh, he's so creepy".