Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Catching up...

It seems like forever since I've posted anything new, but it's only been 5 days! So much has happened since last week, and I could write epic poems describing it all, but instead I'll fore go my usual prose and just a brief synopsis (yes, I can actually be brief).

First, the Tween Queen made it into the finals for Student Body Officer for her Junior High next year!!!!! I am so proud of her- she is everything great that I am not: outgoing, sociable, fearless...I could go on and on. I have to go watch her final speech in front of the whole grade today. It's super funny- she compares everything she'll do to Chuck Norris. Say a little prayer for her, please!!!!

Second, she went to her first "real" (as in not being 5 or 6 and not really recognizing gender differences) boy/girl birthday party on Saturday. She had a very busy weekend! The boy she likes wasn't there, but the other boys were good friends and they had a blast going bowling. I think they almost got kicked out at one point because of all the noise they were making, but hey, that just says they were having fun, right? Later Saturday night, the same girls from the party were at our house having a Twilight screening and the boys from the party came and doorbell ditched them. Granted, the boys DID call ahead to let them know they were going to, so the girls caught them, but you should have heard the cackling and plotting in my front entryway as the girls waited for them! Being the super cool mom I am (someone has to think it, so it might as well be me), I let the boys come in and they all went in the basement and played with Fox's batman and star wars costumes, and rode around on the MC's jeep and big wheel. SO LOUD. SO VERY, VERY LOUD.

Last of all, and probably the best, we got a puppy!!!!!

She is a black morkie (Maltese Yorkie) and she is so soft and snugly. The first night was a bit difficult as she yelped and cried most of the night, but she's been better every day since. She came pretty much paper trained (yay!!!!!), and for now we are only allowing her to roam on tile surfaces- if we take her any where with carpet she has to be held. The kids adore her, but we are struggling with her name. The King wanted to name her Ezzie (after a nickname from my youth) and the kids like it, but I'm not sure how I feel about the dog being named after me. Also, we end up calling her Izzy half the time (and we don't even watch Grey's Anatomy), and the MC just calls her DOG. Actually "GOOD DOG" (yelled of course). The poor thing has already learned to turn and run when she sees him coming.

What a fantastic & eventful weekend.


  1. Wow I am so excited you guys got a dog. You will have to bring her out this weekend. I think you should name her Bells in remeberence of Bella.

  2. I would, except Bella was super naughty and apparently super stupid because this dog has mastered paper training in her 10 short weeks of life, and Bella never could.

    I'll bring her out, but will she and Mikey have a chick fight over territory???? Mikey is way bigger than her

  3. your dog is way cute and sweet. noah told me her name is izzy. lidia told me about one of taylor's posters but she got mixed up and said that the poster was for SOB. =) I told her it's SBO for Student Body Officer.