Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Boys

The time of the day that the Man Child is sweetest........the minute he wakes up.

The time of the day that he's a dog chasing, tantrum throwing monster with only one volume level (screaming)...........every minute after that.

We just found the MC's snack stash under the couch. Apparently he's taken a liking to doggie treats. No wonder his diapers smell like, well, you know.

Gum is like crack to my two year old, and toothpaste is his heroin.

Fox came down from showering this morning with a mickey mouse t-shirt on and his hair spiked in the front. He said he was going to try to look more like Edward Cullen. We pointed out that Edward doesn't wear that type of shirt (meaning a t-shirt), so he went upstairs and changed into a brown t, because "edward's into brown". Much better. He has also requested that I buy brown pants, because what's more veggie vampire than an all brown ensemble? He'd also like to know how he can make his skin colder. His first thought was to try to fit in the freezer...

Since Fox is all done with the basketball season, he's decided to spend his free time developing another talent.

Arm pit farting

He was practicing so much we had to ground him from it for a week.

I am so proud.

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