Tuesday, June 2, 2009

All the Evidence I'll Ever Need....

For Family Home Evening last night, The King told us about a message he had read from Presiden Eyring over the weekend. In it, Pres. Eyring revealed that he had diligently kept a journal for over three decades. Although his day to day activities changed, his journal entries always included two things that either had happened or had not happened during the day that demonstrated his Heavenly Father's love for him.

Since this blog pretty much doubles as my own journal, I'd like to follow Pres. Eyring's example and end each day with two examples of Heavenly Father's love for my family and me. Unfortunately, too many times I forget to thank Him for all that he has blessed me with.

*Every morning when The King leaves, I tell him to "please be careful". That porbably sounds childish and maternal, but I really worry about his safety when he's away from me. I am so grateful that he has come home safely to us every single day, and that Heavenly Father has watched over and protected him.

*Today Fox got a special recognition from the school counselor for being a super student. She had to be inspired to know how much his self-esteem needed that boost. Lately he has been really feeling inferior to his older sister, and his face lit up with more pure joy than I've seen in a long time when he showed me the certificate. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father brings people into our lives to support us and lift us up, and that those people are close enough to Him to follow His promptings.

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