Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Those Stinking Communists at McDonalds!

About this time every year, the one and only message on the McDonalds marquee that I actually pay attention to comes up. The $.99 Super Size Drink sale.

This year it will not be put up. Sadly, it will never be seen again at my Syracuse McD's.

Why, you may ask, would they take away the single thing that made me their regular- sometimes twice a day- customer from June to September?

Because they are stupid "fat American" haters.

I saw "Super Size ME"- I know it was a political nightmare for the McD's corporation. I was as disgusted as anyone by the end of it. I'm glad that they got rid of the bloated fry portions and trans fats. But when they touched my Super Size Diet Coke, they went too far.

Yes, Americans are fat. Yes, the fast food industry panders to our addiction to fried food. But we also have agency. Do they think that by getting rid of the big sizes that consumers won't just purchase an additional "small" item from that new drive through staple, the dollar menu? (Not that I do that myself, but I'm just saying, it's not rocket science to figure out).

I'm sure that with all the problems in the world-ie. the global economy, wars, genocide, global warming- you are probably thinking, "doesn't this chick have anything better to worry about?". I know that I'm being immature and unrealistic, but my once-a-day trip to get a drink is often times my only outing for the day and is my "special treat" to myself. I want that drink to be the very best thing I taste that day. I refuse to buy the large (approx. 30 ounce) Diet Coke for $1.79 at McD's when I can go to 7-11 across the street and get a 64 ounce for $1.39. And even though I can say with absolute certainty that McDonald's has the best Diet Coke syrup hands down, I must stand up for what I believe in and what I believe in is that I have the right to consume as much brown, carbonated and artificially flavored water as I want.

So long McDonalds. Hello Carl's Jr.


  1. i used to go get drinks and slushes at sonic during happy hour but mel just informed me that ours has closed. i'll have to visit the one in clinton when i'm over that way.

  2. Me too!!! My students could totally tell when they went out of business because I didn't have a Route 44 cup in my studio every day.
    Sadly, even the little ones are completely aware of my addiction.