Friday, June 5, 2009

Celebrating.....Well, Mediocrity I Guess....

Deep Thoughts from the 6th Grade Graduation ceremony:

6th Grade Teacher's opening remarks: "Well, you're really not graduating because we have to send everyone on to the 7th's required"

After presenting the Honor Roll candidates, the High Honor Role students were announced, or as another teacher introduced them, "the kids that really worked hard" (as opposed to those other losers who just kind of worked hard)

Principal: "You've gotten through this far in your education and now we're sending you on to junior high........just don't drop out"
(did you just get goosebumps too?? Inspiration, eloquence...this will undoubtedly be the standard by which all graduation speeches will be judged from now on)

As each student's name was called, he or she was supposed approach the microphone and finish the statement "When I grow up I want to be..."

TQ's teacher's comment to an extremely short young man who was struggling to reach the microphone during his statement: "What, no plans to be an NBA All Star? Hee, hee, hee"

Another student: "When I grow up I want to be a teacher"
Same Teacher "Well, you can have my classroom when I'm done in 15 years"
The King: "Try five"

And finally, TQ's teacher, who after an entire school year with the same 24 students could not remember or pronounce most of the last names during the "diploma" ceremony:
"Shad.....I'm not even going to try your name"

Shad's extremely pissed parents (yelling from the back of the auditorium);
"It's Wodjekowski" (you can probably also insert their implied "freaking idiot" here)

****note*****The King and I heard the poor kid's name once and had it down. Apparently we are both now more qualified than her to be a 6Th grade educator.


  1. I just caught up on all your recent posts....I think you are wonderful Mindi. Really....such a great mom. I admire you. Love ya!

  2. Luv you too Michelle- take care of that beautiful baby and get some rest if you can!!!