Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who would win a dance off between Fred Astaire and The Fox?????

For some time now Fox has been honing his arm-pit farting skills. I dare say there is no one the whole world over who is quite as proficient as my 8 year old son. He has an entire program ready for that chance demand for a singer with arm-pit fart accompaniment. He's even almost on key now- well, at least within a whole step up or down (depending on the day) from the actual pitch.

But now that he's added choreography he's truly a force to be reckoned with.

I'd describe Fox's style as The Robot meets M.C Hammer. Apparently his art is inspired by his father, whose own dance repertoire was built entirely on the music of the 80'2 and early 90's. As The Kings explained it to me, "you can never go wrong with the running man, sprinkler or the electric slide". Although even rhythmically challenged people can master these dances (which is probably why they will never die. Let's hear it for "Boot Scoot Boogie" forever!!!), Fox actually has a fair amount of grace and finesse, enough that if I were to sign him up for classes he'd probably be really good at it.

Nah. The poor kid is going blind for heavens sake. The last thing he needs to be known as is the next Billy Elliott.

Before you write me off as a rotten, wretched mother for making fun of my child's "talents", you should probably know that while he enjoys the singing and dancing elements, they are not the highlight of his act but the means to an end. Like all great physical comedians, his ultimate goal is to make people laugh. When he hears that first giggle from the audience, Fox steps up the performance a notch. His moves become more exaggerated, his singing louder and more expressive. In that way, I guess he's a little more Danny Kaye than Fred Astaire- the comedic relief side kick rather than the smooth talking leading man.

But that's alright with me. I always was a Danny kind of girl.

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