Monday, June 22, 2009

So Let's Pretend it's Sunday and I Didn't Forget That It's Father's Day.......

A Note to The King-

Happy Father's Day hon.

Yes, I know this post says that it is Monday night, but since right now you are 16,000 feet in the air somewhere over Nebraska I don't think we should worry about technicalities.

Can we have a Father's Day Redo??

I am dead serious about this. It just didn't seem like a day where you were honored enough for the fantastic husband and daddy that you are.

Part of that (the smallest part I must admit) was because you had to leave for Connecticut at noon on the day when we are supposed to devote all waking hours to your worship. Had you been willing to take the red eye we could have sent you off properly with a big fiesta and lots of food you won't eat (down 50 pounds as of Friday- you rock!). So in that regard it was your own fault that we neglected you.

The biggest reason for your lackluster celebration was that I woke up Sunday morning extremely grouchy from spending the entire night trying to find 6 inches of mattress to claim as my own while you and the man child took up the remainder of the queen bed in my parent's guest room.

But you are already aware of your tendency to sleep in the cheerleader "X" formation.

Had we been sleeping in our King bed at home, I would have been annoyed at best but waking up to a cricked neck and paralysis down the left side of my body (from balancing precariously on the edge for 6 solid hours) left me short of 100%. I didn't even remember that it was the "big day" until we were seated in the church pew (with a solid 30 seconds to spare- thank you very much. See, we weren't late after all!) and I had a chance to peruse the program. Lots of teens speaking, and one octogenarian = Father's Day program.

Frick! I forgot!

Double frick!! I forgot to remind the kids!!!

I bet you got all warm and fuzzy when Fox refused to go up and sing the once-a-year daddy day songs (seriously, can't someone write a new one? It can't be that hard for even a mediocre lyricist. The hardest part is coming up with a good melody, and you could just "borrow" one from someone else. Pop artists do it all the time and call it a "remix"). At least the kids were pretty good during church, right??? That's kind of a gift?

After I dropped you off at the airport, Fox and Man Child made and decorated paper ties for you. Unfortunately, MC liked his own quite a lot and refused to give it up thus inciting a brawl with his brother that resulted in the shredding of said tie. In retaliation, MC proceeded to pull all the pom-poms and pipe cleaners off of Fox's creation. Crying ensued. Threats were made. Not a single punch was thrown so I feel like it was a positive resolution in the end. The ties didn't make it, but they looked really good before the five minute ride home from church.

I felt even worse when you called Sunday evening to say that your plane had to make an emergency landing in Green Bay that would delay you 2 hours, thus putting your arrival in Connecticut at about 1 AM. I am so sorry that you had to sit next to the 350 pound man who went into respiratory failure on his way to a wedding. I'm sorry that you got about 5 hours of sleep before you had to put on a happy face and endure hour upon hour of presentations.

I'm so sorry that I did it all wrong yesterday. Please forgive us, your insensitive and selfish family, for not thanking you wholeheartedly for being the best husband, father, provider, and friend any family could ask for. We are so blessed to have you in our lives, and it just isn't the same when you are not here. You bring laughter and fun into our home each time you walk through the door. I can only hope that our sons will turn out to be even a fraction of the man you are when they grow up.

Happy Father's Day sweetie.
Hurry home. We miss you.

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  1. That is so funny. Thanks hun for the kind words.