Friday, June 12, 2009

The Man Child is a Pretty Cheap Date...

With the two older kids off to the wonderful land of Oz (aka. Grandma and Grandpa's house), and The King's flight debacle postponing his homecoming to tomorrow, I decided to live on the wild side and ask out a handsome, bronze haired, green eyed man for dinner.

No, I wasn't playing pretend with Edward Cullen. My date only stands three feet tall and when he poops he tells me "I tink die-pur". And when we go out I have to drive and pay.

But I'll take my Man Child over that sexist, lump of marble vampire any day.

When I told the MC that I had an exciting evening planned for us, he replied "I go church?" Seriously, what kid wants to go to church every single day????? Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad that he loves going and will now go to his class without screaming and holding on to The King's leg for dear life. It just gets a little old having to explain to him every single time we get in the car that we can't go to church because it's not Sunday yet. (It also doesn't help that he can see our church from every back window in our house.)

Our first stop on our exciting night out was .........(wait for it) shopping at Walmart!!!!!!

He was understandably ticked when I pulled into the parking lot and he realized where we were at. You just can't make a Walmart look magical or mysterious- it's just, well, Walmart. Blue and uniform and crowded. MC definitely had a "been there, done that" attitude about our shopping plans, but I bribed him with fries from the food court and that at least kept him from crying.

Forty-five minutes and a week's worth of food later, we finished the first leg of our night and moved on to the next stop, Kohl's. I needed a new bath mat for the upstairs bathroom and found one relatively quickly despite being completely incapable of navigating the store stroller/shopping cart. In and out in 10 minutes- a record for me!

Upon leaving Kohls we had reached the most important stop of the evening- dinner. As there were no other family members present- therefore no other opinions to consider but the two of us- a whole world of dining choices was ours to enjoy. And so, after much deliberation, we ended up at...........

Carl's Jr.

Yeah, it was a let down for me to. Bajio was out of shrimp salad (which was what I was really craving) and everything else required either sitting down and being served (which is a battle for the MC even when his dad is present- no way I was tackling that on my own) or greasy fast food. Carl's Jr. makes a pretty tasty chicken burrito, and has the 2nd best Diet Coke syrup around (McD's is, of course, #1but I am still protesting their beverage downsizing). All the MC wanted was a "cake" (aka. shake) so we took our food home and ate while watching a stimulating episode of Sesame Street where everyone comes down with Mine-itis and they have to turn to Oscar for the cure.

So there you have it- the cheapest date I've ever been on. $1.50 fry and $3 shake, and at the end of the night I got several wet (well, slobbery is a better description) goodnight kisses. In what has to be a sign of his extreme appreciation for the night on the town, he even went to bed without a fight.

All the excitement must have worn the poor kid out because I just went to his room to shut off his light and he had fallen asleep on the floor.

Maybe I'll start taking him to Walmart every night.............

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