Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Want To Know Our Deepest, Darkest Secrets? Just Ask My Kids.

Why is it that any time any adult comes over my children decide to share our very most embarassing stories with them? If I've lost my temper that day, or burped really loudly, Fox feels the need to tell the world.

The HT's were here tonight, and despite being threatened with spending all of tomorrow in his room, Fox couldn't help himself and out came the stories. Saying embarassing things is almost a compulsion with him- I could almost see his insides shaking from the stress of trying to control himself. But sure enough, his will power failed and the HT's were treated to a full tirade about why his mom is so mean, and doesn't care that he is bored, and won't ever let him have any fun (well kiddo, you're definitely not getting out the slip-and-slide tomorrow). When he tried to start telling the story of how I decapitated a mouse with a shovel, I'd had enough. I think he could see the moment in my eyes when the threatened grounding became a reality. He shut up pretty quickly after that.

But Fox is not the only guilty party. Not by a long shot.

Man Child lasted exactly 60 seconds on my lap before the battle to keep him restrained began. He defeated me only because I didn't want to use excessive force in front of the police detective HT. Once free, he ran to the patio doors and tried to escape outside but fortunately TQ was too quick for him. His plan being thwarted, Man Child went upstairs to the TV room and turned on a movie (when did he learn how to turn on the TV let alone the DVD player?). I probably should have made him sit throught the visit, but all I could think was "at least he's being quiet".

I give up. If I didn't have TQ to keep my sanity when The King is out of town I'd probably have to be locked up. I'm pretty sure the HT's know that I'm crazy, but when they looked at me with sympathy and understanding I recognized a comraderie bewtween us that all beaten down parents share. It feels good to know that I'm not the only one drowning in the sea of parenting.

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