Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thank You, Heavenly Father.....

Thank you, Father for delivering The King safely to Canada today. Every time he leaves on a trip, my stomach clenches nervously until I know that his plane has landed safely. It's irrational I know- traveling by air is still the safest mode of transportation. But ever since 9-11, when he was on a flight to the East coast during the attacks and his plane had to be grounded and I had no idea for hours where he was, the fear of the unknown always takes over when he leaves. Thankfully, he is always watched over and protected.

I am so thankful that my kids love their daddy so much. Fox got really emotional at bedtime because he already misses The King so much (he's only been gone for 17 hours, but he won't be back until Friday). Fox, the MC and I decided to say a prayer together to ask for dad's safety and protection, and comfort for MC and Fox so that it wouldn't be so hard to have their favorite pal and dad away for so long. Fox then thought that if he'd read to his brother it would take his mind of his sadness and he'd feel better. What a great big brother he is. I am so blessed to have these wonderful boys in my life.

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