Wednesday, June 10, 2009

D-Day Doth Approach........

You know that saying "knock on wood"? How aptly that applies to my end of the day posting yesterday.

Today was day two of the reign of "children of the corn" in our house.

While yesterday I was just battered and beaten down, now I'm pissed.

Yep. I said it (not that I'm trying to be funny, but probably my favorite Amy Poehler SNL skit was the one-legged white trash hillbilly whose coin phrase was "yeah, I farted"...sorry, for some reason that just came into my mind).

I think I'll have to coin tomorrow D-Day, because it is the beginning of operation "Mother Takes Back Control of the House". My plan is simple-divide, divert and conquer. Division will be created by assigning the two older children to long and laborious tasks, each carefully crafted to match their own particular hatred for certain chores. For TQ it will be scrubbing down every square inch of her bathroom (it's a little cliche, but I think I have a few old tooth brushes that can be donated to floor cleaning). For Fox, it will be organizing all the books and bins in his room, then the dvd's and gaming equipment in Kid Zone. In immersing them in chores they despise, the "diversion" is created- initially, instead of arguing with each other they'll focus on how mad they are at me. But along the way they'll also realize just how much it sucks to tick mom off and hopefully see the wisdom in behaving like perfect angels for the rest of the summer.

Then may the trumpet may sound on the battlefield, for I will have emerged from the battle victorious-always and forever, Queen of the House.

(insert happy, content sigh here)

I'll let you know how it goes.....

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