Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tonight I Am Thankful For.......

Tonight I am so thankful for my lovely mother-in-law, who took my children to her house to play and swim for the entire day. They had a blast, and I was able to have some much needed alone time. When TQ asked me what I did all day, and I told her that all I did was read on the patio, she seemed awfully disappointed that I had not been up to grander or more exciting things. Sorry TQ, but the only thing a mom wants to do when she has solo time is ignore all the house work she could (and probably should) be catching up on and do something totally indulgent, like read all day.

I am so grateful that both grandparent's houses are magical places, and that my kids look forward to going there with the same eagerness and anticipation that they have for Disneyland. They always beg to stay when it is time to go home, and I am assured at least one crying child as we drive away. My kids are so blessed to have loving and caring grandparents in their lives.

Thank you Marie- I said it earlier and I'm not sure you believed me, but you truly are an angel.

Good night, and sweet dreams.....


  1. how sweet. you make me even more sad that I live 2000 miles away from grandmas!

  2. Thank you Mindi for your sweet words. However, it was truly MY treat to have Tay, Noah, and Zach for the day. They are absolutely polite and well-behaved grandchildren. Zach says thank you when he gets his diaper changed. And he is the only great grandchild that doesn't SCREAM when Great Grandpa Roy talks to him. Awesome!! I can't wait to do it again real soon--this time--ice skating. Love you, Marie