Thursday, June 25, 2009

Like Dorothy in Kansas

Pray for me

Well not for me exactly, but for my beautiful 3 week old gazebo that is being bombarded by gale force winds right now.

The poor canopy is holding on for dear life, but I don't think it will prevail if things don't settle down in the next few minutes.

What is up with Utah weather this year??????

First we have an unseasonably hot May, then 3 weeks of torrential downpour in June. It's finally looked like summer for the last few days, but now it appears the monsoon is back.

Summer is supposed to be hot and dry in our desert climate. It's our break from the months of blizzards that we endure from November to March. I hate the snow, and now I feel cheated of the good weather I've earned by putting up with it.

What is the purpose of spending hours and hours planting a beautiful yard if you can't ever enjoy it?

That's it. As soon as we can we're moving to Arizona.

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